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Data publikacji w serwisie: 1 grudnia 2014 r.

Registration for summer semester 2014/2015 deadline: January 10th, 2015.

Dear Erasmus students coming to the Faculty of Geographical and Geological Sciences Please remember about filling the on-line application You register/fill the application on the web: https://incoming.amu.edu.pl/

Application Deadline:

  • Second (summer) semester (starting February 24th, 2015): January 10th, 2015

(This is  the deadline by which we should get the originals of Your Application Forms. We strongly suggest to register earlier.)

The courses in English for Erasmus students, spring semester 2014/2015: https://international.amu.edu.pl/amu-pie-short-courses2/amu-pie-short-courses

School of Polish Language and Culture for Foreign Students: http://www.schoolpl.amu.edu.pl/go.php/en/programmatic_offer/courses_of_polish.html